The West Baltimore MARC Parking Expansion Project

After reviewing the MTA’s proposal to expand surface parking on the end of the “Highway to Nowhere,” the TOD/Transportation Committee members felt the proposal included key benefits for the community, which are as follows:
  • To provide a short-term surface parking solution to relieve residents from MARC commuters parking in their neighborhoods
  • The demolition and removal of the concrete abutment at the end of the “Highway to Nowhere” from the community
  • The reconnection of Payson Street to the area street grid
  • Better integration of the highway exits and entrances
  • The concept plans also works with the long-term revitalization and development plans laid out in the West Baltimore Community-Center Transit Development Strategy Report
The committee will be hosting a series of community meeting to discuss the parking expansion concept at the following places and times this fall:

  • Evergreen Protection Association
  • Midtown Edmondson Avenue Improvement Association
  • Association of Rosemont Community Organizations
  • Operation ReachOut SouthWest
  • Harlem Park Neighborhood Council
  • Bridgeview/Greenlawn Association
Please check here for any updates, or keep on the look out for mailing notification about any changes to the schedule.

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