About Us

Established in 2009 as a community-based non-profit organization, WBMTTI is comprised of community leaders and representatives who believe strongly that constituents should have a strong voice in the planning and redevelopment process. We actively support revitalization efforts via community-centered transit-oriented development for the neighborhoods within a 1/2-mile of the West Baltimore MARC Station.


To cultivate and maintain support for public transportation and the transit-oriented vision for the West Baltimore MARC Area.


  • Support the revitalization efforts in the West Baltimore communities
  • Collaborate with community leaders and residents to keep them informed and engaged about the projects, the process, and the potential opportunities
  • Serve as a liaison between the community, the city, and state agencies
  • Engage and inspire all residents, but especially targeting new residents and young people, to get involved with revitalizing our communities
  • We believe strongly that every effort should be made to ensure that constituents have a strong voice in the planning and redevelopment process.
  • We welcome opportunities to collaborate on efforts to sustain and build neighborhoods that are strong, vibrant and engaged.
  • We support public-private partnerships as a means to improve economic opportunity, neighborhood vitality, and quality of life here in West Baltimore and throughout the City.
  • See faster, safer, and more reliable transportation options for Baltimore
  • Change the way we travel through the city as we transition out of our cars and start walking, biking, and using public transit
  • Retain economic resources as we revitalize and reconnect our communities
  • Improve the quality of city life by:
    • Creating a more environmentally friendly, health conscious, and green way of living
    • Retaining young people in the Baltimore area
    • Making Baltimore a destination city
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