What is TOD?

TOD is an acronym for Transit-Oriented Development or a development that incorporates a mix of residential, commercial, and civic land uses within a 10-minute walk from a transit station or stop. A well-designed TOD incorporates features to encourage alternatives to automobile travel such as walking and biking with well-connected sidewalks and paths and high-density development at the (transit) center.

Basic TOD Principles
  • Mobility choice/ transportation options
  • High density, high quality development within 10 min walk of transit station
  • Well-connected streets & destinations
  • Continuous, convenient, and safe walking and bicycling routes
  • Mix of land uses with small retail clusters
  • Diverse housing types and pricing
  • Traffic calming measures (to lower speeds)
  • Circulation within (not through) communities
  • Effective parking management

Photo Credit (below): imaginativeamerica.com