Station Area Master Plan

The West Baltimore MARC Station Area Master Plan, adopted November 2008 by the Planning Department, provides guidance for transit-centered community development in the communities located within one-half mile of the existing MARC commuter station. The guidance, developed through broad public participation over the course of two years, is based on the premise that the existing MARC regional rail service and the future Red Line transit investment can play critical roles in West Baltimore’s revitalization efforts.


  • Avoid displacement.
  • Maintain housing affordability. Increase housing diversity.
  • Increase the amount of occupied housing.
  • Preserve the character of existing viable housing stock.
  • Draw early investment to opportunity driven places.

  • Cultivate large-scale economic development opportunities.
  • Attract and develop businesses and facilities to serve the local population.
  • Promote small business development and entrepreneurship.
  • Enhance local workforce, employment opportunities and local business participation.

  • Use the MARC station and other transit to bring about community improvement.
  • Make walking and biking – especially to buses and trains – safer and more inviting and convenient.
  • Be aware of, and sensitive to, existing community transportation plans.
  • Design streets to tame traffic and make West Baltimore more livable.
The full plan is available online through the Baltimore City Planning Department. CLICK HERE to download the strategy in whole or part.