Priorities and Focus Areas

WBMTTI's focus areas (or near and mid-term priorities) are based on community input and those described in the West Baltimore MARC Station Area Master Plan.

Farmer's Market
  • Promote healthy nutrition and lifestyle.
  • Provide access to fresh produce in "food desert" areas.
  • Transform the existing MARC station parking lots into a community amenity.
  • Demonstrate demand for retail services in the focus area and surrounding communities.
Library, Resource Center, and Housing
  • Prevent displacement of existing homeowners and residents.
  • Maintain and expand affordable housing options.
  • Increase the amount of occupied housing.
  • Pursue the development of a Community Resource/Visioning Center
  • Pursue the development of a Community Library
Streetscape and Greening
  • Increase the available green space for recreation and social interaction.
  • Improve pedestrian circulation through the community through sidewalk, crosswalk, and other safety improvements.
  • Reduce the amount of impervious (paved) cover and increase the number of trees and landscape plantings.
Community Benefits Agreements
  • Cultivate large-scale economic development opportunities that bring tangible benefits to existing residents such as living wages, local hiring and training programs, affordable housing, environmental remediation and/or funds for community programs.
  • Promote equitable development practices to ensure that affected residents share in the benefits of major developments.
  • Ensure community residents and stakeholders have a voice in the planning, design, and construction of projects within the focus area around the MARC station.
  • Bring measurable, permanent improvements to the lives of affected residents, particularly those with low or moderate incomes.
Technical Assistance
  • Promote small business development and entrepreneurship.
  • Enhance employment opportunities through workforce development and job creation.
  • Increase participation by women and minority-owned businesses.
  • Promote local hiring.
Marketing and Outreach
  • Collaborate with community leaders and residents to keep them informed and engaged about projects, the planning and development process, and potential opportunities.
Grants and Funding
  •  Explore and pursue funding opportunities from both the public and private sectors that support the mission of the organization, build capacity, and enable WBMTTI to improve quality of life for West Baltimore MARC area communities.
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